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Califam Constructions Bulban Road Project
Califam Constructions Bulban Road Project

Bulban Road Sewer

Bulban Road Branch Sewer

The Bulban Road Branch Sewer project was constructed for Lendlease Communities to transfer sewage from new residential development at Harpley Estate to the main Greater Western Water sewage network. The scope included 3.1km of gravity sewer ranging from 375mm to 675mm in diameter using polypropylene pipe, cast in-situ maintenance holes and an open cut crossing of Bulban Road.

The main challenges faced included:

  • Unstable ground conditions which required bored concrete piles to stabilise the excavation and prevent undermining of the road and re-design of the sewer alignment further away from the road to enable works to continue.
  • Works in proximity to main road, underground and overhead services.
  • Coordination of traffic and diversions during the open cut crossing of the road which was unable to be bored due to the mixed ground conditions.

Project Information

Client: Lendlease Communities

Project Type: Gravity Sewer

Start Date: 2015

End Date: 2017

Location: Werribee, Victoria

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