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Health, Safety, Environment & Quality

Califam are a market leader in innovation within the industry, implementing construction efficiencies through plant and equipment, quality improvements in materials and reduced risk to personnel through improved safety practices.

We continuously look for ways to improve all aspects of safety, quality and the environment to ensure we remain ahead of our competitors and are raising the bar to deliver higher quality assets with lower risk to people and the environment.

For over 16 years, Califam have operated an Integrated Management System which is currently accredited to the requirements of ISO9001:2015, ISO14001:2015, and ISO45001:2008 for Quality, Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems. Our most recent surveillance audit was completed successfully in March 2022.

Our management team are committed to promoting a culture of continuous improvement in Safety, Quality and the Environment throughout the company to ensure all personnel are continuously striving to achieve the objectives laid out in our company OHS, Quality and Environmental Policies.

Califam Constructions Melbourne Quality 1
Califam Constructions Melbourne Quality 1
Califam Constructions Melbourne Quality 2
Califam Constructions Melbourne Quality 3
Califam Constructions Melbourne Quality 4
Califam Constructions Melbourne Quality 5
Califam Constructions Melbourne Quality 6


We are committed to providing our clients with the highest quality asset. We are continuously working with the Water Authorities to help improve the quality of works throughout the industry with improvements in materials, construction techniques or implementing more robust quality control measurements within the standards.

Our quality assurance system is tailored to each project to ensure full traceability and verification of all requirements specified in WSA codes, project specifications or other project requirements.

We take a positive and collaborative approach to improvement and welcome second party auditing from our clients.

Health & Safety

The safety of our workers and the public is paramount to our business. We have extensive experience assessing and controlling our high risk activities including:

  • Excavations greater than 1.5m deep and trench protection
  • Working at Heights
  • Working with powered mobile plant
  • Working near traffic, the public and other assets
  • Working in and around Confined Spaces

Our management system includes safe systems of work for controlling these high risk activities and Califam have an extensive pool of safety equipment to mitigate these risks in accordance with regulations.

We conduct regular internal HSEQ auditing across our projects to ensure works are being conducted in accordance with SWMS controls and we are regularly analysing defect and incident data to look for ways to improve and reduce risk in our operations.

Califam Constructions Melbourne Safety 1
Califam Constructions Melbourne Safety 1
Califam Constructions Melbourne Safety 2
Califam Constructions Melbourne Safety 3
Califam Constructions Melbourne Safety 4
Califam Constructions Melbourne Safety 5
Califam Constructions Melbourne Safety 6
Califam Constructions Melbourne Environment 1
Califam Constructions Melbourne Environment 1
Califam Constructions Melbourne Environment 2
Califam Constructions Melbourne Environment 3
Califam Constructions Melbourne Environment 4
Califam Constructions Melbourne Environment 5


Our management system includes a focus on sustainable and progressive work practices and continual improvement. Our focus on the environment and sustainability is central to Management’s direction and procedures employed on site.

We place emphasis on procuring and replacing equipment with Tier 3 emission compliance. Our plant fleet is young, state-of the-art and well maintained.

We are currently working with suppliers to develop materials that deliver carbon reduced outcomes for projects and we can produce project emissions reporting to our clients.

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