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Werribee North Outlet Sewer

Werribee North Outlet Sewer - Truganina, Victoria

Califam completed the Werribee North Outlet Sewer for City West Water which is the main sewer connecting from branch sewers servicing a number of residential developments in Truganina, to the Melbourne Water Western Trunk Sewer.

The project included installation of approximately 2km of DN1000 and DN1200 GRP gravity sewer, 10 pre-cast GRP manholes, trenchless crossings of Palmers Rd and Federation Trail, an open cut crossing of Doherty’s Drain, live sewer connection to existing Melbourne Water Western Trunk Sewer. Some challenges encountered during construction included:

  • Narrow corridor bounded by a creek and conservation zone
  • Significant environmental aspects and limitations on construction activities
  • Multiple stakeholders and landowners

Project Information

Client: City West Water

Project Type: Gravity Sewer

Start Date: 2017

End Date: 2019

Location: Truganina, Victoria

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