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Hayes Hill Branch Sewer Donnybrook, Victoria

Hayes Hill Branch Sewer Section 1D - Donnybrook, Victoria

Califam is currently undertaking construction of the Hayes Hill Branch Sewer Section 1D which runs along Hayes Hill Boulevard in Donnybrook. The project includes approximately 330m of GRP gravity sewer at depths from 6.5-8.5m. The main challenges on this project include:

  • Significant depth of excavation which presents not only safety risk which must be appropriately managed but logistical issues with the amount of excavated material that needs to be stockpiled / removed in a tight corridor
  • Narrow construction corridor with limited space for plant movements and material storage
  • Groundwater management

Project Information

Client: Dennis Family Corporation

Project Type: Gravity Sewer

Start Date: February 2022

Location: Hayes Hill Blvd, Donnybrook, Victoria

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